Bet of the Week Round 20

I finally had a big win!

It only took all season, but I had a $21.50 win last week by backing Sydney to beat Perth, and it has put the kitty at a much more respectable negative $9.89!

This week’s match of the week sees Perth host the Western Sydney Wanderers.


Perth have been on a horror run and there are few things more humiliating in the A League right now than losing to Sydney FC. They have a full week to recover from their travels of the last few weeks and get to play at home again which should make them a little fresher heading into this match. The Glory lost to the Wanderers in Parramatta not too long ago to help the Wanderers out of a bit of a slump, but Perth away from home are a different proposition from when they play at NIB stadium. Away from home they consistently lose, but in the West, they are one of the competitions best at getting a draw. A scary proposition for travelling teams, I know. The Glory haven’t lost at home since round 7. Something to consider.

The Wanderers have only played 2 games since their last encounter with Perth due to their Round 19 game with the Victory being moved. I previously mentioned that Western Sydney’s win over the Glory in Round 16 helped them out of a slump. But that isn’t entirely true. Since that game they’ve had 2 draws, and overall since Christmas the only team other than Perth that they have beaten is lowly Sydney FC. In spite of all this, and due to the fact that the A-League is in a state of awfulness this season, they remain in a Champions League spot and are more than likely the 2nd best team in the league.*

So with all that information, and having a look at the odds, I am going to put $10 on a draw between these two (at $3.35)

A win here would see me in the positive for the first time this season!

Gamble Responsibly!




*By the way, ever since I wrote that article about there being only 3 good teams, Adelaide have emerged as not just the 4th best team in the league, but possibly the 2nd or 3rd best if they can keep this up.

Bet of the Week Round 19

A late Wanderers goal ruined my first “Bet of the Week” but managed to JUST keep the premiership title fight alive.

It leaves the kitty at a paltry negative $31.39

So I move on to this week’s clash of the titans…


Sydney FC v Perth Glory


Ok so I lied. It’s not really a clash of the titans, more a race for 7th spot.

First up is Sydney. What a week it has been for the Sky Blues. From another dismal home performance that was punctuated by the largest protest that The Cove has ever partaken in – calling for the head of the Coach, CEO and Chariman all at once – followed by a walkout due to apparent club instructions to eject peaceful alleged protesters. None of it was pretty, but the real question is was it effective? In terms of media traction it appears as though it was very effective, with multiple articles being written each day in both the mainstream media as well as the football media and ‘blogosphere’* much to the chagrin of Melbourne Victory supporters who have been protesting all year without getting anywhere. Additionally it has given Cove leaders an audience with the club to discuss the issues. Seems like the protest did its job to me.

On the field, only time will tell if Frank is a good enough man manager (as is claimed) to use this to fire up his team, or if it will even have any effect – positive or negative – on the players. It appears almost certain that Nick Carle and Matt Thompson will miss this weekend’s clash as the disciplinary action Farina attempted to take has been stopped by the PFA**. This means that Sydney will head into the match with a very inexperienced midfield, who could be given the chance to make up for their first half last week, where they were hooked at the interval. But this is Sydney, so who knows what will happen. I personally expect to see either a marked improvement from the players or a complete and utter failure which would expedite the removal of the head coach. The performance may end up being a reflection of the players feelings towards the boss. If they really want him to stay, they can step up and try to save him. If they don’t want him to stay…

As for Perth, they have had a rough week of their own. They had to travel to Albury to take on Melbourne Heart on Sunday in 40 degree heat. To do this, they had to take a 5 hour flight from Perth to Melbourne, a 4 hour bus trip to Albury, run around for an hour and a half in blistering hot weather, take a 4 hour bus ride back to Melbourne (with obligatory McDonalds stop), followed by a 4 hour flight to Perth. Then less than a week later they have to take a 5 hour flight to Sydney to play this Saturday. I’m no expert on the human body, but something tells me that Perth might have a bit of trouble getting up for this one. They have struggled of late as it is and Sydney are the type of team that only play well if they get their tails up early. This situation that the Glory are in physically could be the stimulus for Sydney to score an early goal and get on top and produce the marked improvement that I mentioned earlier.

This coupled with the fact that a win for Sydney would see at least a little bit of pressure relieved from Farina and delay the inevitable end of his tenure in charge at Sydney, means that I will be putting my $10 on Sydney to win (at $2.15)***

 Gamble Responsibly




*What a fantastically shit word that is.

**And make no mistake, the PFA stopped it, not the club.

***How Sydney are the favourites here baffles me. Spider has to be rigging this. Expect a shocker from Vedran on the weekend.