Bet of the Week Round 20

I finally had a big win!

It only took all season, but I had a $21.50 win last week by backing Sydney to beat Perth, and it has put the kitty at a much more respectable negative $9.89!

This week’s match of the week sees Perth host the Western Sydney Wanderers.


Perth have been on a horror run and there are few things more humiliating in the A League right now than losing to Sydney FC. They have a full week to recover from their travels of the last few weeks and get to play at home again which should make them a little fresher heading into this match. The Glory lost to the Wanderers in Parramatta not too long ago to help the Wanderers out of a bit of a slump, but Perth away from home are a different proposition from when they play at NIB stadium. Away from home they consistently lose, but in the West, they are one of the competitions best at getting a draw. A scary proposition for travelling teams, I know. The Glory haven’t lost at home since round 7. Something to consider.

The Wanderers have only played 2 games since their last encounter with Perth due to their Round 19 game with the Victory being moved. I previously mentioned that Western Sydney’s win over the Glory in Round 16 helped them out of a slump. But that isn’t entirely true. Since that game they’ve had 2 draws, and overall since Christmas the only team other than Perth that they have beaten is lowly Sydney FC. In spite of all this, and due to the fact that the A-League is in a state of awfulness this season, they remain in a Champions League spot and are more than likely the 2nd best team in the league.*

So with all that information, and having a look at the odds, I am going to put $10 on a draw between these two (at $3.35)

A win here would see me in the positive for the first time this season!

Gamble Responsibly!




*By the way, ever since I wrote that article about there being only 3 good teams, Adelaide have emerged as not just the 4th best team in the league, but possibly the 2nd or 3rd best if they can keep this up.

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