A League Picks – Round 11 kind of…

I start the week at – $17 exactly after my lock of the week came in last week again and saved my blushes.

We have an unusual week this week. As I write this, the markets for the Sydney v Wellington game has been suspended. As has the market for the Wanderers v Mariners. I’m sure this is due to the match between the Mariners and Wellington that is happening right now, But I wait for no man nor Spirit.

I’m going to spread my $10 through the remaining 3 matches.

Brisbane v Newcastle


I know it seems like I’m just putting all my money on Brisbane every week, but they keep coming up against some pretty ordinary teams.* Newcastle are no exception here. A waterlogged pitch handed the Jets a miracle when these sides last met at Turton Rd, so with the Roar in league best form and playing at home, I’d be silly not to put $6 on the Roar (at $1.53) to take this one.

Heart v Victory


It’s a funny old league this one. 3 different teams (in a 10 team league) have had to look for a new coach since the start of the season (only 10 rounds ago) yet somehow the 2 teams that have not won a single game in 10 both still have their jobs. I have to rename John Aloisi “The Cat” because he’s had to have had at least 9 lives just this season, and every week he misses out on a win, but somehow keeps his job. He’s looked out of his depth for a LONG time and has shown no signs of turning back. But the one game that he has done ok in over his career is the Tardby. He comes up against Muscat who is just treading water with one of the best teams in the league, but is very vulnerable to conceding an early goal and going to pieces. I’m going with an insurance bet here and putting $1 on the Heart (at $4) and $1 on the draw (at $3.55)

Perth v Adelaide


Some brilliant scheduling this week sees Adelaide face Perth for the third time this season, before they face Sydney FC or Wellington even once. Bravo FFA. With Jacob Burns FC setting up the most awkward change rooms that the Edwards brothers been in since the last time their Dad and sole reason for being in a team was sacked, I’m not sure if the Glory are going to capitulate or bounce back this week. On the other hand Gombau’s eyebrows got some colour back thanks to some slick play and Liam Reddy reverting to type. I think United are still a bit off from finding their best form though, so I’m putting my $2 this week on the draw (at $3.40)

I won’t be doing my bets for round 12 next week because it’s Christmas, and I have a life. 

But please let me know your bets for this round or any round in the comments below, or by tweeting me at @BadALeagueBets

Good Luck and Gamble Responsibly




*To be fair a large chunk of the competition has been pretty ordinary so far. Hence Sydney and Newcastle sitting in the top 6 comfortably.

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