A League Picks – Round 9

A new week and a new strategy.

My win last week was $8.82 leaving the ledger at -$19.20 heading into round nine.

So I’m going to have to start taking drastic measures to get myself back to at least even.

It’s time for strategy number…I’ve lost count.

Adelaide v Brisbane


My lock of the week this week. Adelaide’s defence has more holes in it than the plot of Lost* and Brisbane are the right team to poke through them. The only real question here is how much lighter can Gombau’s eyebrows get? I’m putting $6 on the Roar to take this one (at $1.87). Unfortunately there is no current market on the eyebrows.

Perth v Wellington


The Distance Derby is on again and this time there is even less at stake than normal. Both sides sit outside the top 6, deservedly, and I’d be surprised if the Phoenix even bring their media manager and kit man let alone any fans for this match against their “traditional rivals”. So in order to put SOME sort of intrigue into this match, I’m going for a more exotic bet. I’m putting a dollar on the first goal being scored between minute 31 and the end of the first half (at $4.35)

Wanderers v Heart


The two ‘other’ teams from the countries two biggest cities. Some ridiculous refereeing and wonder strikes saved Aloisi from another defeat and what would SURELY be the seasons first head coach sacking last week, but overall the Heart showed little improvement. Here they come up against a Wanderers team in their first vague slump, but NRMAIWSWFC are back in the one place that they are a dominant force. NSW. I’m going to pick the score here as Western Sydney 2 to beat Melbourne 1 (at $8.00)

Mariners v Sydney FC


There is a fair bit going on at the Mariners of late and that could see them a little unsettled, and the result of this match could see them sky rocket up the ladder (with a game in hand) or plummet out of the top 6 and need to have a hard look at themselves. On the other hand, Sydney have just come off a record winning streak (a whole 4 matches) against mostly awful opposition that has ‘supercoach’ Farina breathing a little easier. The result of this match could tell us a lot about BOTH teams. But I’m going for a first goalscorer here and putting a dollar on McGlinchey (at $8.00)**

Victory v Jets


Not even career ender Kevin Muscat could turn this teams fortunes around so quickly that they would lose at home to the Jets…Right? the final dollar will go on Melbourne to win by 2 or more (at $2.90)

Ledger at -$29.20

Gamble Responsibly



*There’s a timely reference for you. Lost. Cutting edge stuff here.

**Amazingly, with Delps out, Sydney don’t have a single player paying less than $10 to score first. CCM on the other hand, have 7 players paying less than $10. Also, in spite of his multi week ban, Tiago is still listed as an option.

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