A League Picks – Round 8

With just 2 of my minor bets coming through last week I start this round in a poor position with just -$18.02 on the ledger.

Time for some new tactics

Mariners v Victory


Melbourne haven’t travelled well since Muscat took the reigns losing both away games under the thug in a suit, and he appears to be in need of an experiences assistant. Luckily the coach he is facing this weekend is one and with both teams looking fairly evenly matched, it may come down to tactics. I’m going with the experience of Moss and putting a dollar on the Mariners to win (at $2.05)

Brisbane v Perth


No matter what I do, I just can’t quite shake the feeling that there is something about being at the Perth Glory Football Club that turns you from a talented footballer into a meandering mess. I call it the Sydney FC syndrome. Brisbane on the other hand is riding their momentum to first place in the league. They may have peaked too early, and it was more than a little concerning that they celebrated last weeks victory over the Wanderers like a finals match, but they will surely have too much for Perth at home in this one. I’m putting $6 on the Roar (at $1.47)

Sydney v Newcastle


Both of these teams should have vertigo by now with how undeservedly high they are on the table. The problem is, I can’t work out which team deserves to be here the least. SO I’m going to play it safe with a dollar bet on Del Piero to score first (at $5.50)

Phoenix v Wanderers


Wellington gave Western Sydney a run for their money the last time these two teams met, and that was on the hallowed turf of Parramatta Stadium. This time at the Cake Tun, you would expect Wullington to go one further, and with the Wanderers travelling outside NSW 2 weeks in a row for the first time since January this year and only the second time in their history, I’m going to go for the big upset here and putting a dollar on Wellington to pick up the unlikeliest of wins (at $3.40)

Heart v Adelaide


It seems like every week we have a match where both coaches need to win to keep their job, yet every week Aloisi stays employed. Gombau won’t lose his job if United lose, but questions will begin to be asked of his philosophy and its effectiveness. Either way I’m putting my last dollar on Adelaide to come through with a close one goal win (at $4.60)

Ledger now at -$28.02

Gamble Responsibly

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