A League Picks – Round 7

Only got one winner last week in the Adelaide v Perth Draw, which netted me the $8.50 return, leaving the ledger -$14.96 heading into this full round

So with my fresh $10 bill to spend, I’l dive head first into this weeks matches.

Roar v Wanderers


It will be interesting to see which team the travelling Barmy Army fans go for when they inevitably turn up to show off their sunburn and annoy the general public. The top of the table clash may not tell us much about the way the season will shape up, but it’s an early test for both sides to see where they are at and where they need to improve. This is really tough to call. I’m going to have $1 on Western Sydney (at $2.70) and $1 on the draw (at $3.40)

Sydney v Wellington


For the first time this season, I genuinely think that Sydney have a chance of winning their match. This of course means they are almost certainly doomed. So to avoid putting any further jinx on them, I’m not going to bet on the result here. I am going to bet on what has got to be a sure thing given Sydney got a clean sheet last week and surely can’t get 2 in a row. $2 on both teams to score (at $1.72)

Victory v Adelaide


After a 2 week road trip to Sydney and Lord of the Fouls, Kevin Muscat, struggling with the top job, Melbourne will look to make a statement at home against their traditional rivals. Adelaide are improving, but Melbourne will surely bounce back this week. $2 on the Victory to have a victory (at $1.75)

Glory v Mariners


The new era without Arnold begins in Perth, and it has to be said, Central Coast have been struggling this season.* Perth have some points on the board, but not much else. I wish there was a betting option for this to be a dour and awful game of football, because I’d put the house on that. But the closes I’ve got to that is to put my $2 on a 0-0 draw (at $9.50)

Newcastle v Heart


Newcastle hosted the first professional underwater football match in Australia last weekend while Heart played as badly as I’ve seen any team play in this competition this season. I hope they don’t bother televising this. It could ruin any future broadcast deals. Friday night will decide who is the best team in the league right now, but this will decide the worst team** $2 to go on the draw (at $3.55)

Ledger sits at -$24.96

Gamble Responsibly




*For mine, this is why Arnold has been pursuing the o/s move so hard. His stock is high after last seasons Grand Final win. A poor season and he’s back to being just another A League coach.

**In spite of the fact that the Jets are somehow currently 3rd on the ladder. Ridiculous.

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