A League Picks – Round 6

I only won on two of the bets last week – Sydney and the Wanderers – which only netted me $6.34 leaving me at -$13.46.

There are only 4 matches this week so I’m going to keep it simple for once and just go for winners (and draws), without the exotic bets. They’ll be back next week though, particularly after this week ends up being a massive failure.*

So onto this weeks matches

Heart v Sydney


The Lucas Neill Cup is up for grabs this week, Melbourne Heart are overdue for a win, Sydney won last game and are playing away from home. This one writes itself. Whichever coach loses this one will really start to feel the pressure of the guillotine hanging over their coaching careers**

I’ll put $2.50 on Melbourne to win this (at $2.30)

Perth v Adelaide


Perth are really ugly and fairly poor at football, but are managing to sneak out some results. Adelaide are good to watch, promising, and not a terrible football side at all, but can’t seem to pick up a result anywhere lately. One the one hand, Adelaide’s one win this season was against Perth, but on the other hand, they just lost to the worst team in the competition, Newcastle (who to be fair, have shown improvement lately).

I like the odd on the draw here ($3.40), so I’ll put my $2.50 there.

Wanderers v Victory


The TAB are not giving out odds on a terrorist attack hitting Parramatta stadium during this game, which is what I’d really like to bet on, so instead I’m going to have to analyse the game. The Victory are too good a team (even with Muscat at the helm) to come on a 2 week trip to Sydney and leave without any points, but the Wanderers have the globes most amazing supporters on their side, so this could be a tough one to call. But I’m going out on a limb here and saying that Western Sydney are due for a loss, and after the soft open to the season that they’ve had, will drop their first game of the season to Melbourne. But I’m not THAT confident, so $1 on the Victory to win (at $4.50)

Newcastle v Brisbane


This one is the worst team in the league (who, again, have shown some improvement of late) against the best team in the league right now. It’s almost the definition of free money. Lock of the week. etc etc.  I’m putting $4 on Brisbane (at a criminal $2.40)

Ledger at -$23.46

Gamble Responsibly




*It will be. I’ll bet you that it will be. Even if I win, I lose.

**Actually that’s really harsh to call time on Aloisi’s whole coaching career if he’s turfed from the Heart. Once Farina’s gone from Sydney his career is surely over though.

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