A League Picks – Round 4

I finally came out of a round winning more than the $10 I bet!

My $5 on Sydney to lose and my $1 on Victory to win got me $11.85 which mean my ledger opens this week at -$12.45

I still have a long way to go…

So this weeks bets…

Wanderers v Adelaide


Western Sydney haven’t started the season as well as the ladder might suggest. The only team they’ve actually beaten is the Frank Farina’d Sydney FC – which is about as difficult as convincing Craig Foster to write another awful article with an unnecessary reference to Barcelona in it. On the other hand Adelaide are a work in progress who can look great one minute and terrible the next. I’m not confident of anything here so I’ll put $1 on a draw (at $4.00)

Sydney v Perth


Sydney are an awful, awful football team right now. That’s all I can say without going on an expletive laden rant about Anthony Crea’s complete lack of understanding of how the human body works. Betting against Sydney at the moment is just free money so I’m going all out and putting $6 on Perth to win (at $1.85)

Newcastle v Mariners


We’ve had the sellout Melbourne and Sydney derbies so far this season, and next up we have the world renowned F3 derby. I hear that the hill will be packed for this one. It will be a shame when the Jets do their footballing impression of Thursday FC and try to bore everyone into a coma. I’m putting my dollar here on The Mariners to win by 2 or more goals (at $3.15)

Roar v Heart


Melbourne Heart have comfortably taken up their spot near the foot of the totem pole as the 3rd worst team in the competition and given how poorly they play away from home, combined with Brisbane’s form so far this season, there’s only one way this can go. But the TAB seems to know this as well and the odds are too short to bother with a straight win, so in an effort to get some bang for my literal buck, I’m putting my dollar here on Brisbane to win 2-0 (at $6.00)

Victory v Phoenix


This one is a bit of a mystery. How will the Victory react to losing Ange? How will Merrick feel coaching against the club where he made his name? Could footballing thug Kevin Muscat look any more like an orc? All pressing questions but without the answers, this is a toss up. I’ll just play it safe and put my dollar on Melbourne to win (at $1.55)

Ledger sits at -$22.45

Gamble Responsibly

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