The NSW Origin One Match All-Stars


In honour of the inevitable changes to the NSW side over the next few weeks, I’m putting a little last minute Origin commute list of the best NSW players who’ve (at least so far) been unable to crack more than one match for the Blues.

Some of these names are players that were just unlucky, and others are yet anther timely reminder of the inability of the NSW selectors over the years to recognise some great talent…

But all of them are names I was shocked to see had only played one game.


1. David Peachey

2. Hasem El Masri

3. William Hopoate

4. Phil Blake (c)

5. Ricky Walford

6. Terry Campese

7. Tom Raudonikis

8. Tony Butterfield

9. Steve Edge

10. Ryan O’Hara

11. Graeme Wynn

12. Scott Gourley

13. Terry Matterson

14. Keith Galloway

15. Jamal Idris

16. Dean Young

17. Michael Potter

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