It started with Tony Grimaldi.

During some drunken sports watching, I sat with my buddies Jon and Julesy in one of our living rooms watching press conferences repeat the same old cliché’s and we came up with the concept of “Really?”

At first we just wanted one of the players to come out and say “You know what? Fuck it, I’m the best player in the game and I’ll destroy anyone who says otherwise”

Then we remembered how much everyone hates Anthony Mundine and realised it would only work if said player was a really average player. Someone that when you heard the quote would make you say “Really? That guy?”

Like Tony Grimaldi.

In the years since, we have tried to come up with a player that encapsulates the ‘Really?’ spirit better than Tony Grimaldi. The player needs to be well known enough that you’ve heard of him, but ordinary enough that you’re surprised you remember them.

And the traditional way to bring your entry into consideration is by just throwing the name out there such as – “…Lee Hookey? Really?”

The current title holder is Matt Bickerstaff.

If you’ve got any better let me know.

2 thoughts on “Really?

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